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Welding Gauge HJC40 (Screw) WG-12B

Welding Gauge HJC40 (Screw) WG-12B

  • Checks Crown and Leg Height
  • Checks Undercut Depth
  • Checks Throat Size
  • Checks Weld Length
  • Checks Angle and Gap
Measurement Range Accuracy Graduation
crown height 0-10mm 1mm ±0.5mm
leg height 0-14mm 1mm ±0.5mm
undercut depth 0-5mm 0.05mm ±0.05mm
throat size 0-13mm 1mm ±0.5mm
weld length 0-40mm 1mm ±1mm
angle 90 ํ - 150 ํ 5 ํ ±1 ํ
gap 0.5-5mm 1mm ±0.5mm
length 0-40mm 1mm ±0.5mm


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