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 FD 50 Digital Thickness Gauge

FD 50 Digital Thickness Gauge with Lifting Device

  • BRAND: Kafer (Germany)


  • Robust construction for a long service life 


  • Precision movement


  • Reading 0.001 mm. / Range 10 mm.


  • Depth of jaw 50 mm.
Specification Model: FD 50 Digital Thickness Gauge with Lifting Device
Resolution 0.001 mm / .00005"
Range 10 mm / 0400"
Depth of jaw 50 mm
Power supply on Lithium battery 3 V
Battery life 8000 h
Output RS 232 or USB
Working temperature +5 °C – +40 °C
Maximum error 5 μm, hysteresis fu not checked
Contact force 0.7 N ± 20%
Standard contact point form c
Optional contact points forms a, b, d or e

Spare Dial Gauges are available for all Digital Thickness Gauges. They will be delivered without contact point and without lifting device. Contact points forms a, b, c, d and e are available on request.

For all Digital Thickness Gauges except for models JD 50 TOP, FD 50 TOP and JD 100 TOP the data connection cable DCPRMD 232, illustrated on page 132, can be used as suitable accessory.


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