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Drill&End Mill Grinder machine

2-20mm (Drill) / 3-20mm (Mill)

Cutting tool Twist Drill, Center Drill, NC Spotting drill bits , End Mill 2/3/4/6 flute
Drill Sharpen Degree  90°~140°
Mill Sharpen Degree


Standard Parts Collet Holder ER20-2 flutes X 1set ,ER25-2 flutes X 1set Collet Holder ER20-4 flutes X 1set ,Collet Holder ER20-6 flutes X 1set Collet Holder ER25-4 flutes X 1set ,Collet Holder ER25-6 flutes X 1set Collet X 19 pcs YN01HW CBN#140 for HSS material ,YN03AW SD#140 for Carbide material
Overall Dimension  330 X 175 X 208 mm
Net Weight 20 kgs
Motor Speed 5500 ± 5% R.P.M
Power Supply

AC 110V 50HZ / AC 220V 50HZ


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