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  • เครื่องตรวจหารอยร้าว
  • เครื่องตรวจหาจุดบกพร่อง
  • เครื่องตรวจหารอยร้าวและจุดบกพร่องในวัสดุ
  • เครื่องตรวจหารอยร้าวและจุดบกพร่องระบบอัลตร้าโซนิค
Multiscan Quantity Up to 8 scans Up to 2 scans (UT & TOFD) Up to 6 scans
Pulsers/Receivers 32:128PR 2PR (4 connectors) Up to 64 elements probe
Gain Range 80dB 100dB 80dB
Sampling Frequency 125 MHz @ 12-Bit 50/100/200 MHz @ 10-Bit 1 125 MHz @ 12-Bit (processing 16-Bit)
System Bandwidth 0.2 to 23 MHz 0.2 to 18 MHz 0.2 to 23 MHz
Max Pulse Rate Frequency 50,000 Hz 20,000 Hz 50,000 Hz
Pulse Voltage 100-50V ActiveEdge© 400-100V ActiveEdge© 1 100-50V ActiveEdge©
Focusing Mode Natural or Constant Depth/Path/ Offset na Focusing in all points TFM & two TFM Intermode methods
S-Scan Resolution Up to 0. 1° na Down to 0.01mm
L-Scan Resolution Down to 1 element or Double Resolution na Down to 0.01mm
Max PA Beams (focal laws) Up to 1024 beams na Up to 500,000 Pixels
Tools – Measurements and Wizard EXTRACTION BOX, 4 gates/A-Scan, TCG, DAC/Split-DAC 4 gates/A-Scan, TCG, DGS/ Split DGS, DAC/Split-DAC 12 TFM algorithms, Up to 4 modes per TFMiTM, EXTRACTION BOX, 4 gates, Velocity, TCG, Amplitude fidelity, up to 20 cursors/view
Onboard Scan Plan Tools Onboard 3D live rendering Power Input 6 hours (hot swappable batteries)
Onboard Reporting Tools PDF auto-report, Export data to CSV file, Save screen capture Power Input AC 110V/240V @ 50 Hz/60 Hz
Onboard PDF Reader Integrated Ability to load and read and PDF documents Unit Dimensions 115 x 220 x 325 mm (4.52 x 8.6)
Online Help Calibration ACTIVE help genius for parameter optimisation procedures, reports Weight 5.1 kg (11 lb) no battery, 460g
Standards ISO18563 (EN16392) & EN12668 Environmental Rating Designed for: IP66


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