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VB400 Vertical Bench Top Optical Comparator

VB400 Vertical Bench Top Optical Comparator



  • Vertical bench-top model


  • 8"x 4" (200x100mm) of XY travel 


  • 16" (400mm) diameter screen



  • 16" (400mm) diameter screen with crosslines, calibration marks and hood
  • 16" x 9" (400x230mm) workstage with 8"x4" (200x100mm) of travel, 2” (50mm) focus travel
  • 22lb (10kg) maximum load capacity
  • Easy-to-use manual motion control
  • Bayonet lens socket for quick magnification changes
  • Dual mirror design for vertically correct image
  • All metal construction for optimum stability
  • Fine adjustment for X and Y axes
  • Fast traverse, zero backlash mechanism for X-axis
  • Heidenhain glass scales for 0.00002" (0.5µm) X and Y resolution
  • Helix angle adjustment with ±15° Vernier scale
  • LED profile illumination
  • LED surface illumination using a beam-splitting mirror




  • 10X, 20X, 25X, 31.25X, 50X, 100X projection lenses
  • Larger 18"x11" (450 x 285 mm) workstage with 10”x6” (250x150 mm) of travel
  • Fiber-optic edge detection
  • Choice of Quadra-Chek digital readouts, tablet computer with MetLogix M2 software, or all-in-one touch-screen computer with MetLogix M3 software
  • 23" (58cm) or 32" (81cm) cabinet stand




  • Shipping weight: 443lbs (201kg)
  • Net weight: 423lbs (192kg)
  • Shipping dimensions:
    48.8"x32.6"x34.6" (124x83x88cm)




MetLogix M2 Software on tablet PC with, color touch-screen (10”), 2D geometry software for point, line, circle, distance, angle and skew. Windows® 7 operating system and Wi-Fi network connectivity for import/export of CAD files and data. Supports optical edge detection and CNC control.


Quadra-Chek QC221/ND1203 Digital Readout. Monochrome LCD screen (5.7”), sealed metal housing, 2D geometry software. Supports optical edge detection.


FEATURE MetLogix M2 Quadra-Chek QC221
Mounted to comparator arm           x                x
Color graphics           x  
Touch-screen operation           x  
MS Windows operating system           x  
X-Y-Q (angle) measurements           x                x
2D geometry software w/ skew           x                x
Optical edge detection option           x                x
Video edge detection option    
CAD file import & export option           x  
CNC drive option           x  
Software developer     MetLogix Metronics / Heidenhain



Lens Selection Guide


Magnification 10x 20x 25x 31.25x 50x 100x
Screen Diameter 16” 16” 16” 16” 16” 16”
Field of View 1.6" (40mm) .8" (20mm) .6" (16mm) .5" (13mm) .3" (8mm) .16" (4mm)
Working Distance 3.1" (80mm) 3" (76mm) 2.5" (62mm) 2.2" (57mm) 2" (50mm) 1.5" (41mm)
Max. Dia.: Half Field 5.5" (140mm) 5.5" (140mm) 5.5" (140mm) 5.5" (140mm) 5.5" (140mm) 4" (106mm)
Max. Dia.: Full Field 5.5" (140mm) 5.5" (140mm) 5.5" (140mm) 5.4" (138mm) 5" (125mm) 3.9" (98mm)


Field of View Terminology


Working Distance: Is the distance between the objective lens and the component when the component is in focus
Field Of View (FOV): Is the viewable area. To fill the 16" (400mm) diameter screen when using a 10x lens, the maximum diameter object projected would be 1.6" (40mm).
Half Field View: Is the maximum size a component can be projected to the
center of the screen before colliding with the lens.
Full Field of View: Is the maximum size a component can be projected over the
full screen before colliding with the lens.
Projected Image: Is how a component is projected onto the screen in relation to  its placement on the workstage.




  • Precision Centers and Vees
  • Rotary Vee Blocks
  • Rotary Vises
  • Vertical Glass Plate Holders
  • Magnification Check Gradules
  • Fixed Vises
  • Cabinet Stands
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