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Sitescan 500s

Sitescan 500s

Sonatest Sitescan Flaw Detectors have always meant highly reliable, technician focused and this range continues this tradition.

The Sitescan 500s offers the end user an entry level broad band flaw detector with full VGA display, sync and proportional outputs and a 50nS (Spike) 200V Pulser.

Typical applications are Weld Fabrication, Corrosion Detection, Forgings & Castings and general UT inspection.

Flaw Detector Software Options

SW-API API Software
SW-AWS AWS Software
SW-BEA BEA Software
SW-CORROSION T-Log + -Chart Software
SW-DGS DGS Software
SW-IFT IFT Software
SW-SPDAC Split DAC Software
SW-TCG TCG Software
UTLITY PRO UTLity Pro Software

Accessories and Spares

800208 CH700 Battery Charger
242174 SS/MS Battery Pack
195154 DFD Storm Case
145324 Sitescan Screen Cover
195121 Sitescan Replacement Bag
165027 RCA Video Output Cable
165028 USB Type A Male Cable Assy
152120 Cable DFD to PC
165040 Falcon Proportional O/P Lead
145221 Sitescan Replacement Screen Cover
MPS-701EU Flaw Detector Mains Pack
MPS-701UK Flaw Detector Mains Pack
MPS-701US Flaw Detector Mains Pack
136168 BNC to BNC 50 Ohm
136169 BNC Female to Lemo Male
136171 Lemo (M) to Lemo OO (F)
152018 BNC (M) to LEMO (F) Adaptor


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