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Bench Type Radial Drill RF-35

Ideal bench type drilling machine for workshops handling larger workpieces which require more clearance than other drill machine models.

Item RF-35
Main Motor HP 1.5
1 -Speed Motor rpm
60HZ 340~3000
50HZ 280~2500
2-Speed Motor rpm
60HZ 170~1500
50HZ 140~1250
Drilling Capacity MT3
Stroke (mm) 130
Travel of Spindle Head (mm) 380
Table size (mm) 550×500
Column Diameter (mm) Ø115
T Slot Size (mm) 16×26
Coolant Pump (mm) 380
Packing Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 610x890x160(Machine)
Machine Weight NW/GW 250/280 kgs
Stand Weight NW/GW 35/36 kgs
No. of Machines
Packed in 20″ container
36 sets(with Stand)
52 sets(w/o stand)
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