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QuintSonic 7

  • BRAND :ElektroPhysik (Germany)


  • Ultrasonic coating thickness measurement for paint, lacquer and plastic coatings on plastic, metal, wood, ceramic or glass substrates


  • From 10 μm coating thickness to 7 mm.


  • up to 5 layers in one operation
Measuring ranges 

300 μm, 700 μm, 1,5 mm, 3,1 mm, 5,9 mm

(at 2375 m/s ultrasonic velocity in all layers)
Min. layer thickness approx. 10 μm (depending on the ultrasonic velocity in the layer)
Measuring area Ø 11 mm
Resolution 0,1 μm
Accuracy ± (1 μm + 1%) of reading
Number of measuring series 500 (max.)
Number of storable readings approx. 250,000 readings in total
Statistical functions n, min, max, mean value, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, block statistics (norm conforming / user adjustable), process capability Cp and Cpk, histogram, trend diagram
Monitoring of limits Visual and audible alarm when exceeding limits
Measuring units μm, mm, mils, inch
Operating temperature


Storage temperature -10...+50°C
Data ports

IrDA® 1.0 USB and RS232 via adapter cable (available as an option)

Power supply 4 x AA (LR06) batteries, via mains unit as an option (90 - 240 V~ / 48 - 62 Hz)
Norms and standards DIN EN ISO 2808:2007, ASTM D6132 – 08, SSPC-PA 9

160 x 160 pixel LCD, back-lit

Dimensions 153 mm x 89 mm x 32 mm (basic unit); Ø 24 mm x 100 mm (sensor)
Weight 310 g (basic unit incl. batteries), 80 g (sensor)


Supply Schedule

  • QuintSonic 7 with sensor in carrying case
  • Operating instructions on CD ROM
  • 2 x 100 ml coupling agent (gel / glycerine)
  • One-layer reference sample
  • USB adapter cable
  • 4 x AA batteries


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