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Pneumatic Drilling Machine

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Model P-360A P-360 P-5100A P-5100 P-6150
Max. Drilling Capacity 6mm 6mm 10mm 10mm 16mm
Spindle Taper JT2 JT6 JT6 JT6 MT2
Spindle Travel 60mm 60mm 100mm 100mm 150mm
Stabilizer Travel 30mm 30mm 60mm 60mm 60mm
Spindle Speed 3000.4000.5000 3000.4000.5000 1000.2000.3000 1000.2000.3000 1000.1500.2000
Number of Speed 3 3 3 3 3
Swing 360mm 360mm 360mm 360mm 460mm
Column Diameter 80mm 80mm 80mm 80mm 92mm
Table Diameter 320mm 350x550mm 320mm 450x600mm 600x800mm
Base Diameter  330x510mm - 330x510mm - -
Spindle to Table Distance 400mm 100-400mm 400mm 100-400mm 100-700mm
Spindle to Base Distance 600mm - 600mm - -
Motor 1/2HP 1/2HP 1HP 1HP 2HP
Pneumatic Power kg/cm2 5kg/cm2 5kg/cm2 5kg/cm2 5kg/cm2 5kg/cm2
Overall Height 1350mm 1600mm 1350mm 1600mm 1800mm
Weight 90kg 210kg 100kg 230kg 350kg


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