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Portable electromagnetic drill & tapping machine (3-Phase)
(Speed changing could be done while running)

Model MTM-930A
Drill Capacity 3/8"~1-1/8"  10Ø ~30Ø
Tapping Capacity 3/8"~1-1/8" 10Ø ~30Ø
Power 220V  3-Phase
HP 2
R.P.M. 756 456 303 186 127 51
Feeding Stroke 100mm
Body Stroke 150mm
Transversal Move 20mm
Turning Degree 330°
Magnetic 135x280mm
Magnetic Force 2500kgs
Height 580mm
Torsion Fixture Standard Fitting 7
Drill Sleeve Standard Fitting 3
Fittings Weight 7
Machine Weight 70kgs


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