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Lead-Screw Auto Tapping Machine

  • T-120
  • T-140
Model T-120 T-140
Max. Tapping Capacity M20 M30
Spindle Taper MT3 MT4
Spindle Travel 120mm 150mm
Spindle Speed 100.200.300 100.200.300
Number of Speed 3 3
Variable Speed 330-1330mm 330-1330mm
Swing 460mm 520mm
Column Diameter 102mm 115mm
Table Diameter 600x800mm 600x800mm
Base Diameter - -
Spindle to Table Distance  350-700mm 350-700mm
Spindle to Base Distance - -
Motor 2HP 3HP
Overall Height 2100mm 2100mm
Weight 600kg 700kg


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