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K 200 Dial Thickness Gauge

K 200 Dial Thickness Gauge

  • BRAND: Kafer (Germany)


  • Robust construction for a long service life


  • Precision movement


  • Reading 0.1 mm. / Range 30 mm.


  • Depth of jaw 200 mm.
Specification K 200 Dial Thickness Gauge
Reading 0.1 mm
Range 30 mm
Range per revolution 10 mm
Bezel-Ø 58 mm
Depth of jaw 200 mm
Accuracy according to manufacturing standard 0.0500.9.0004,
hysteresis fu however not checked
Standard contact point form c
Optional contact points forms a, b, d or e


Additional weigths for K 200

Additional weights are available to increase the contact pressure on Dial Thickness Gauges K 200 to K 400.

These weights can be attached to the shaft at the top of the Dial Gauge.

Please contact us for further details.

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