HD400 Horizontal Benchtop Optical Comparator

HD400 Horizontal Benchtop Optical Comparator



  • Dual-lens bench top model


  • 16" x 6" (406 x152mm) XY stage travel


  • 16" (400mm) diameter screen



  • All metal construction for optimum stability
  • 16" (400mm) diameter screen with crosslines, overlay clips
  • Dual mirror design for vertically erect image
  • 21.3"x5.1" (540x130mm) stage surface
  • 16" x 6" (406 x152mm) XY stage travel, 2" (50mm) focus travel
  • 110lb (50kg) maximum load capacity
  • Dual lens slide for instant magnification changes
  • Fine adjustment for X and Y axes
  • Quick release mechanism for X-axis
  • Heidenhain glass scales for 0.00002" (0.5μm) X and Y resolution
  • Helix angle adjustment with ±15° Vernier scale
  • Fan cooled LED surface and profile illumination
  • Flexible duplex fiber-optic surface illumination




  • Six interchangeable fixed magnification lenses including 10x, 20x, 25x, 31.25x, 50X, 100x
  • OV2 Video system with video edge detection
  • TOV2 Telecentric Video system with video edge detection and choice of 0.3x or 0.5x fixed magnification
  • Choice of Quadra-Chek® digital readouts or MetLogix™ M1
  • tablet, or M2 or M3 measuring software with touch screen
    monitor and PC
  • Manual, motorized or CNC stage motion control
  • 23" (58cm) or 32" (81cm) purpose built cabinet stand
  • Canopy and curtains (designed to mount on the Starrett cabinet stand)
  • Swing away lamp house
  • Extensive line of accessories




  • Gross weight: 385lb (175kg)
  • Net Weight: 330lb (150kg)
  • Shipping dimensions:
    49" x 32" x 51" (125 x 81 x 130cm)




METLOGIX™ M1 measuring software utilizes an Android operating system and a Bluetooth connection. Clean and simple touch screen interface with large icon buttons and intuitive operation.


METLOGIX™ M2 measuring software with a 15.6" color touch screen, 2D geometry software for point, line, circle, distance, angle and skew. Windows® 7 PRO operating system. Supports optical edge detection
and CNC control.


METLOGIX™ M3 measuring software displays on a touch screen monitor and PC. Supports both optical edge detection and video edge detection, and has Wi-Fi network connectivity for import/export of CAD files and data.


QUADRA-CHEK® QC221 Digital readout. Monochrome LCD screen (5.7"), sealed metal housing, 2D geometry software. Supports optical edge detection.