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Portable Electromagnetic Drilling Machine

Model FM-35A
Power (AC)

110V-120V  50/60 Hz

220V-240V  50/60 Hz

Motor Rated Output

110V-120V  1010W

220V-240V  1010W

Motor Rated Ampere

110V-120V  9.2A

220V-240V  4.6A

No Load Speed 720min-1
Hole -cutting Capacity 14 to 35mm
Drill Capacity 2 to 13mm
Feeding Stroke 62mm
Body Stroke 80mm
Turning Degree 50mm
Transversal 16mm
Magnet Dimensions 81mm(W)×190mm(L)
Magnet Holding Power 800kgf

Mini. Thickness of metal

plate for suction

Weight 12kgs
Lowest height 197mm
Standard Fitting

Chuck of drill: 13mm* 1 set
Pilot Pin 35L* 1 piece
Pilot Pin 50L*1 piece
Coolant tank set*1

set Allen key 6mm*1

piece 3mm* 1 piece


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