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Gear Driven High Speed Thermal Friction Drill
DP-920GH thermal friction drill is the high speed version of DP-920G. It's also called high speed sheet metal tapping drill. This kind of drill is used in any application where the material has thinner thickness such as sheet metal or pipe.

DP-920GH Gear Driven High Speed Thermal Friction Drill

Drilling Capacity (Steel) 32mm (1-1/4")  /  40mm (1-1/2") (opt.)
Tapping Capacity 19mm (3/4")
Flow Drill Capacity 10.9mm  / 11-5/8"

Tapping Capacity

(Flow Drill)

M12  /   1/2"
Swing 530mm (20-4/5")
Spindle Taper  MT3 / MT4 (opt.)
Spindle Travel 150mm (6")
Quill Diameter 75mm (3")
Column Diameter 115mm (4-1/2")
Spindle Nose to Table 860mm (33-1/2")
Spindle Nose to Base 1180mm (46-1/2")
Table Size (L s W) 560 x 470mm (22" x 18"-1/2")
Table Slot 16mm (5/8")
Base Size (L x W) 485 x 685mm (19" x 27")
Spindle (rpm) High: 375~4000 rpm
Low:100~1070 rpm
Motor 2HP/3PH  -  1/8HP/3PH
Net Weight/ Gross Weight 340/385kg (748/84716)
Machine Size (L x W x H)

960 x 675 x 2030mm

(37" x 26" x 80")

Packing Size (L x W x H)

940 x 648 x 1905mm

(37" x 25" x 75")

Measurement 42 cu.ft


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