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When drilling at the exact speed, the tooling life can last for longer life than the regular pulley driven drills. Wide casting column provides strong support to the entire machine and reduces flexing as full 25mm (1") capacity drilling. 

DP-915AH Drilling Machine (Belt Drive)

Drilling Capacity 25mm (1")
32mm (1-1/4")
Tapping Capacity 12mm (1/2")
15mm (9/16")
Swing 408mm (16")
Spindle Taper MT3
Spindle Travel 135mm (5-1/3")
Quill Diameter 62mm (2-2/5")
Column Diameter 92mm (3-2/3")
Spindle Nose to Table 1100mm (43-1/3")
Spindle Nose to Base 1100mm (43-1/3")
Table Size (L x W) 460 x 360mm (18" x 14")
Table Slot 14mm (9/16")
Base Size (L x W) 590 x 390mm (23" x 15")
Spindle (rpm) 150~3000
Motor 2hp / 3ph or Iph
1/8hp /3ph
Net Weight/ Gross Weight 220/ 260kg (484/5721b)
Machine Size (L x Wx H) 915 x 460 x 1860 (36" x 18" x 73")
Packing Size (L s W x H) 820 x 622 x 2000mm
(32-1/2" x 24-1/2" x 78-4/5")
Measurement 36.4 cu.ft


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