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Bridge Cam Gauge WG-04BCGA

  • Angle of Preparation, 0o to 600
  • Excess Weld Metal (capping size)
  • Depth of Undercut
  • Depth of Pitting
  • Fillet Weld Throat Size
  • Fillet Weld Length
  • Misalignment (High-Low)
Measurement Range Resolution Accuracy
crown height 0-25mm (0-1") 1mm(1/16") ±0.5mm
fillet weld leg height 0-25mm (0-1") 1mm(1/16") ±0.5mm
misalignment (high-low) 0-25mm (0-1") 1mm(1/16") ±0.5mm
undercut depth 0-2mm (0-1/8") 1mm(1/16") ±0.5mm
fillet weld throat size 0-20mm (0-3/4") 1mm(1/16") ±0.5mm
angle of preparation 0-60° ±1°
length 0-60mm(0-2") 1mm(1/16") ±0.5mm
45 angle - - ±1°


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