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Annular Cutter HCB


3keego annular cutter HCB type is an economical type of Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) drilling tool with a high-quality output. HCB type is manufactured with a 35mm and 50mm cutting depth.

Type HC 35B HC 50B
Annular cutter Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT)
Cutting depth 35 mm 50 mm
Nominal diameter    

Metric (mm)

Ø12mm ~ Ø35mm Ø12mm ~ Ø50mm

Imperial ( " )

Ø1/2" ~ Ø1-1/2" Ø1/2" ~ Ø2"
Ejector pin    

Ø15.9 below

Ø4.74 x 3.6 x 91L Ø4.74 x 3.6 x 112L

Ø16 above

Ø8 x 91L Ø8 x 112L
Shank Weldon shank (Ø19.05mm) Weldon shank (Ø19.05mm)
Coating Standard Standard
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