Sharpening Drill with CNC Control Size 3 … 16 mm

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Manufacturer: Darex

XPS-16 is for shops that the ultimate in precision, simplicity and productivity. Only CNC can re-produce the complex, high tech point found on today premium HSS and Carbide drill, and only XPS-16 can do it all, with the touch of a button. Imagine, for the price of a couple hundred premium carbide drills, you can sharpen in house for only penny a drill. This high capacity machine can sharpen thousands of drill a week.
With a user interface as easy to learn and use as a palm pilot, anyone in your shop can be using the XPS-16 in just a few minutes. Sharpen preprogrammed points, or program your own custom points. The XPS-16 is the only machine in the world that with the touch of a button can automatically detect the drills length, diameter, and web thickness
- then sharpen the drill - all in one continuous process without operator involvement. For carbide, there's even an automatic cycle to hone the cutting edge. An important step to achieve the long drill life you expect.
- 2 Flute Drills: 1/8-5/8" (3-16mm) Dia.
- Point Angle: 90°* - 150°
- Point Styles: Standard, Conic, X and R Point split

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