Trong Kamol Co.,Ltd. was registered as distributor and agent in range product of cutting tools, machine tools, machinery, and metrology. With 20 years of experience and 25 capable people in our team, we can guarantee the highest satisfaction service for all kinds of product which we are represent in Thailand. Our show room located at Soi Lassalle 75, Sukhumvit 105 Rd, Bangna, Bangkok which is nearly for you to visiting and testing product before making any decision. Definitely, you will found many first class products like; Bandsaw machine, Bandsaw blades, Drill/ End mill sharpening machine, Machine accessories, Cutting tools, Measuring tools, Hardness tester, Coating thickness gauges, Universal testing machine, Ultrasonic thickness gauges, Eddy current crack detector, VDO scope + CMM system and etc. Most of made of latest technology with high efficiency procedure and most strictly inspection. At current and previous, we have distributed many of product to many kinds of industry such as; Automotive, Computerize, Electronic, Aviation, Oil & Petrochemical, Machine maker and etc which we do always serve them all the best only.

Original of Product

DAREX Drill/ End mill Sharpening Machine USA.
Starrett Band saw blades USA
  Precision measuring tools USA
  Profile Projector USA
Band Saw Machine USA
Force Measurement System USA
Tapmatic Tapping Attachment USA
Chong Fu Band saw Machine Taiwan
Mega Heavy Duty Band Saw Machine Taiwan
Proceq Portable hardness tester Switzerland
ElektroPhysik Coating thickness gauges Germany
DT&T Rock well / Brinell Hardness tester Korea
Kafer Dial Indicator Germany
Mahr Roughness Tester Germany